Mahjong Card Solitaire

Mahjong Cards, also known as Mahjong Card Solitaire, is a timed tile-matching game based on both the Chinese tile game of Mahjong and traditional Solitaire card games. The player must remove tiles designed to look like cards from a standard deck arranged in a Mahjong-style layered pattern against a walnut-stained wood panel background. The player has only eight minutes to perform this feat.

The tiles feature numbered card artwork that represents the numerical Ace through 10 cards from the red and black diamond, heart, clover and spade suits, the Jack, Queen and King court cards, and Joker wild cards. As with other games of Mahjong, the player can only remove uncovered card tiles with at least one unattached side. When the player selects the tiles, the game highlights the first one with a light yellow color.

Mahjong Card Solitaire displays the number of available matches, time remaining, and number of remaining tiles along the bottom of the playfield to the left of the Menu, Mix and Hint buttons. The Menu option allows the player to start a new game, reset the current one, adjust the sound, or continue with the current play. The Mix button is a shuffle option that rearranges the cards to reveal more pairing opportunities. The Hint button highlights a pair with a flashing green color. With the latter option, the player only needs to select one tile. The game then automatically pairs and removes both.

How to Play:

Review the numerical, court and wild cards based on color and suit. Remove identical card tiles in pairs. If necessary, use the Mix and Hint buttons. Whenever a problem occurs, such as no more remaining moves, use the Menu button to access the options to reset the current game or start a new one.


Mouse: Click buttons and card tiles.
Mobile: Tap buttons and card tiles.

Mahjong Card Solitaire
Mahjong Card Solitaire.

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