Mahjong Connect

Mah Jong Connect, known most commonly as Mahjong Connect, is a connect-style tile-matching game that features Chinese art and dragons. The player's goal is to remove all ivory-and-yellow tiles in matching icon pairs from a red-brown backdrop to reveal a dragon. The tiles feature traditional imagery, including colorful bamboo, characters, peacocks and stones. The player must beat the clock to clear the field of these tiles during 12 unique levels of play.

This version of Mahjong provides a lot of challenging moments. The player can only remove pairs that connect with no more than three pink-red lines, or the equivalent of two line angles at 90 degrees, along the sides and across gaps that sometimes form in the interior of the pattern. As an exception, they can also remove side-by-side and stacked identical tiles. That said, the game might suddenly slide nearby tiles into these areas from any direction, which can both add and remove match opportunities on the playfield. The player must repeatedly change their plans to win. They must also keep a close eye on the white timer bar along the lower part of the playfield.

Mahjong Connect rewards the player with several hints to help them make matches if they watch ads.

How to Play:

Remove all pairs of identical tiles along the edges and adjacent identical tiles in the interior of the playfield. Clear all the tiles from the backdrop to reveal the dragon. If no other options remain, watch ads and use one or more of the hints.


Keyboard: Mahjong Connect works with a keyboard. To access the available hints, use the H key. To pause gameplay at any time, use the P key. To start over from the beginning, use the R key.
Mouse: Click all buttons, icons, letters and other elements.
Mobile: Tap all elements.

Mahjong Connect
Mahjong Connect.

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