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Bubble Shooter is an untimed bubble-popping strategy game with a classic interface and arcade special effects noises. The player uses an arrow shooter to pop clusters of three or more matching bubbles to earn points. 

The player achieves their highest score by consecutively popping large matching clusters. They receive ten times the standard allotment of points when they pop avalanches of non-matched bubbles with a cluster and double their score when they clear the field entirely.

Against a lavender playfield, the game displays nine rows of 153 mixed-color bubbles that look like daubs of glossy, wet paint. An arrow shooter with a single non-swappable bubble projectile at the base of a purple pointer arrow rests partially below the bottom center of the field. The game offers a strategic preview of the next available projectile near the lower-left corner and five silver-gray bubbles in a horizontal row between it and the shooter.

The player starts as a novice, as displayed with orange letters against yellow bubbles to the right of the field. As they increase their score, they can achieve other difficulty levels. The score updates above this area with white numbers on blue bubbles. Bubble-shaped buttons near the upper-right corner allow the player to turn off the sound, restart the game, and review the last top scores for the difficulty level.

The game requires the player to direct the arrow toward two or more connected bubbles to create a cluster of at least three matching ones. All bubbles in a cluster pop explosively with bursts that expand to a size larger than the original size of each bubble. Any unmatched bubbles connected only to the cluster burst in an avalanche scenario. 

Bubble Shooter penalizes the player when they fail to make a hit that pops a cluster. The five silver-gray bubbles act like a pass system. Any time the player misfires or fails to find a match to create a cluster, they lose one of these free pass bubbles. When this happens five times, the game drops one to two new rows of bubbles from the top of the field. The player then receives four new pass opportunities. 

The number decreases each time new rows appear. The player can attempt to prevent this event by using the side walls to perform angled shots when no lower-row options to create a cluster exist. That said, the pass system typically forces the player to play longer. Worse, the bubbles already on the field roll out of their original positions, which requires the player to change their previous shooting strategy.

The good news is that the game resets to five bubbles after the last time rows drop onto the field because of a final silver-gray bubble. Additionally, the rolling action sometimes pops bubbles automatically.

How to Play

Basics: Review the colors of the main projectile and the preview of the next one. Check the bottommost row on the playfield for two or more connected bubbles that match one of these projectiles. Plan two shots. Align the shooter arrow's point with the first cluster of bubbles by placing the cursor in an exact position. If no option exists to create a cluster, target a single bubble that matches the projectile to set up a future shot. Shoot and watch the bubbles explode. Clear the playfield of all bubbles. Try to limit the use of the pass system.



Mouse: Click bubble buttons. To point the arrow toward a target and shoot, slide the mouse until the cursor is in an exact position (i.e., atop two or more matching bubbles or a gap between two matching bubbles for cluster creation or one matching bubble in preparation of a later cluster shot), and then click the left button.

Mobile: Tap buttons. To aim and shoot, slide the tip of the finger or stylus to align the pointer arrow with a target, and tap the trackpad or touchscreen.

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Relax with games that offer calming, peaceful graphics and sounds, or ramp up the tension with options that require players to test their skills, beat personal scores, complete missions, or compete against other online players. 

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What are bubble-shooting games?

Bubble-shooting games, often also referred to as bubble-popping games, allow a player or players to pop bubbles and bubble-like objects using projectiles shot from a shooting tool. Arrow, cannon and ring shooters are the most common types. A sub-group of these games that features balls and marbles affixed to flat surfaces typically features animals and objects like masks as shooters. Although most games require the player to pop a cluster or group of at least three color-matched bubbles (i.e., two connected bubbles and a projectile), some games only task the player with popping one or two bubbles. 

It's important to note that not all bubble shooters require the player to fire a projectile upward from the shooter. Sometimes, the player directs a character to throw or toss a matching projectile upward, as commonly seen with animal rescue bubble-popping games. Balls and marbles attached to surfaces, as seen with cylindrical tower-column bubble, snake and train, and tunnel shooters, often feature a shooter that fires or rolls projectiles at targets at an angle parallel to the surface.

Additionally, not all games pop bubbles. Although many games use slight popping animations that show bubbles breaking apart and fading or exploding outward before disappearing from the field, some games make the bubbles disappear without any popping action or generate a dozen or more mini bubbles that drop down the screen and fade away. A sub-genre of these games doesn't pop the bubbles on the playfield at all. Instead, the bubbles drop from hanging rows and act like rubber balls that bounce before popping or disappearing on top of points zones, portals or pots.

The ultimate goal of these games is for a player to earn the highest score possible. Players might also need to complete missions or tasks, earn personal achievement rewards, participate in special events, and rank higher than other players on global leaderboards. Bubble shooters with levels also typically require a player to earn three stars to prove that they completed a level quickly or with a high score.

What was the first bubble shooter?

In terms of games, the first bubble shooter that matches the interface of modern bubble-popping games is the 1994 Puzzle Bobble (Bust-A-Move) game by the Japanese arcade and video game company Taito Corporation. Promotional materials at the time featured two adorable dragon characters with the words, "Aim at bubbles of the same color and shoot!" The interface had all the characteristics players today expect and love (i.e., a playfield with side walls, brightly colored hanging rows of mixed bubbles, a bottom-center shooting tool with a targeting arrow, a projectile at the base, and an uncrossable horizontal line). In the decades since the release of this game, individuals and companies have developed countless bubble shooters or clones that use this format.

Why are bubble shooters so attractive?

Bubble-shooting games look deceptively simple at first glance and then surprise players with complex challenges that test physical skills and mental abilities like hand-eye coordination, timing, and logical and strategic thinking. As with traditional balloon-popping games, bubble shooters typically provide players with tricky challenges that seem unfair or similar to boardwalk and carnival tricks, such as a game with bubbles that roll instead of stick on impact. When players overcome these obstacles, they often feel a sense of accomplishment. They must also usually perform with a constraint that intensifies their experience, such as an extremely short timer, limited moves or projectiles, or even a high points loss or new rows of bubbles added to the field after a non-popping shot.

Players who seek relaxation can find games that offer gorgeous graphics and soothing music or calming repetitive popping sounds similar to bubble wrap and pop-it objects and games. These types of bubble shooters also give players goals to work toward, such as unlocking new artwork or discovering new popping methods and sounds.

Many modern bubble shooters combine elements from other bubble games. Players can find bubble shooters with match-3 boosters and other special weapons that allow them to take out large swaths of bubbles in intensely satisfying ways. Some games offer business simulation, landscaping and home renovation stories in which players can only perform these main tasks by winning bubble-popping side games. Players might also go on adventures that involve complex stories, in-game travel or mysteries, or rescue adorable baby animals trapped inside bubbles. The rewards aspect of these games even allows players to win prizes and enjoy a bit of gambling with in-game money.

Bubble shooters like those available for free on BubbleShooter.com provide players with a wide range of benefits. These games fulfill the basic need for order in a disorganized, chaotic world. They appeal to hunter-gatherer instincts and addictive cravings. Organizing bubbles into clusters, collecting items and prizes, and accomplishing tasks make players feel incredibly fulfilled. 

Players also often enjoy better physical and mental coordination and reflexes, faster reasoning and decision-making, and, with more calming games, lower blood pressure and a heightened sense of overall peace. For people who need socialization or an escape from life, bubble shooters provide a connection to others who share common interests and even temporary, escapist relief from anxiety, boredom, stress and other uncomfortable everyday events.

But don't just take our word for it. Play our main Bubble Shooter game on this page, and then try out any of our many other available titles!

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