Bubble Game 3

Bubble Game 3 is a basic bubble-popping game that features bubbles that have a glossy, wet paint appearance hanging against a playfield with a simple arrow and projectile shooter. It displays five silver paint dots and a preview of the next projectile to the left of the shooter.

The player attempts to clear the entire field before the hanging bubbles slide too close to the shooter by hitting two or more of these paint-style bubbles at a time with a color-matched projectile. Before they start, they use the Setup paint dot on the right sidebar to adjust the colors of the field to match their unique preferences based on red, green and blue tones. They then line up and shoot projectiles to burst the paint bubbles.

The silver paint dots in Bubble Game 3 serve the same function as all similar silver bubbles in bubble-popping games. If the player fails to burst bubbles with a shot, they use one of these bubbles as payment to continue playing without a penalty. If they use all of these bubbles, the game penalizes them by adding an extra horizontal row of mixed-colored bubbles to the top of the field, which then makes it harder to knock away all the hanging bubbles.

If the player leaves the tab at any time, the game auto-pauses. They can continue where they left off by selecting the Play paint button on the popup.

How to Play:

Adjust the color of the playfield. Align the simple line-drawn arrow to target specific linked matching bubbles with the shooter. Fire the projectile at the bubbles. Continue firing until no more bubbles remain hanging down the field.


Mouse: Click paint-style buttons. Move the arrow by dragging the mouse. Shoot with a single click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. Move the arrow by dragging a stylus or finger. Shoot with a tap.

Bubble Game 3
Bubble Game 3.

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