Bubble Tower 3D

Bubble Tower 3D is a bubble-popping game that presents the player with a cylindrical stone temple tower or column covered partially in squishy colored balls marked with symbols. The player's goal is to earn a high score by removing the balls from the column.

The player receives a colored projectile ball at the base of the open section of the column that contains the playfield. When they interact with the screen, the game rolls the ball up the side of the column. The ball might stick to a single matching ball or one or more non-matching balls. If it rolls into two or more matching balls, all balls of the same color pop and disappear.

The game allows the player to rotate the tower left and right so that the player has a higher chance of matching and removing balls with every shot. If they perform this task quickly enough while a multiplier number pulses on the screen, they receive ever-increasing multipliers and higher points. This bonus feature resets every time the multiplier number disappears.

Bubble Tower 3D drops a new ring of balls onto the column any time the player fails to make a match five times. It helps the player remove balls and open up match possibilities by displaying a preview of the next projectile on the left side of the screen above five warning balls. It also provides the player with a fireball every two minutes. They can use this tool to burn away multiple balls of different colors up an entire side of the column.

How to Play:

Shoot the projectile balls at matching, connected balls. Whenever it becomes available, use the fireball. Never allow any balls to drop below the red line at the base of the playfield.


Mouse: Click buttons. To look at a different side of the column, click and drag the mouse. To shoot a colored projectile ball bubble, click the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To change the column view, tap and drag the stylus or finger. To shoot a projectile ball, tap the trackpad or screen.

Bubble Tower 3D
Bubble Tower 3D.

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