Bubble Mouse Blast

Bubble Mouse Blast is a bubble-popping game. The Mayor of the city, a mouse, needs the player's help to rid the community of hungry cats that hunt mice. The player must visit various locations around the city and complete different bubble shooter games to complete their mission.

As with most bubble-popping games, the player pops bubbles by striking two or more linked matching ones with a projectile of the same color. They use a mousetrap as a shooter and tiny bubbles as a targeting line. They shoot bubbles that the Mayor loads into the trap. They can use the projectile bubbles as the Mayor hands each one off or swap the bubbles at any time. They also receive boosters, such as bombs, that can help them.

The player receives points, bubble mouse cash, mouse coins and cheese wedge energy during play. The number of points they receive is partially dependent on the number of stars they receive on the right side of the screen. The player can earn three stars per level based on the speed at which they pop bubbles and the number of any mistakes that they make during a round. They also earn coins and prizes by playing daily, on a specific number of consecutive days, or via a mini-game.

Bubble Mouse Blast starts at The Opera House. With the successful completion of each part of the hunt, the player unlocks new locations over time.

How to Play:

Quickly target and shoot at matching linked bubbles. Perform projectile swaps. Use boosters. If available, play the mini-games. Purchase boosters.


Keyboard: Swap bubbles by pressing the Spacebar.
Mouse: Click buttons. Shoot projectile bubbles by sliding the mouse and clicking the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. Shoot projectiles by sliding the finger or stylus and tapping the trackpad or touchscreen.

Bubble Mouse Blast
Bubble Mouse Blast.

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