Bubble Town Quest

Bubble Town Quest is another bubble shooter that focuses on the Lumps alien invasion of Borb Bay in the Bubble Town series. The Borbs need the player's help to force the Lumps to return to the spaceship. The only way they can chase them off is by completing bubble-shooting tasks.

The player starts by selecting either Journey or Endless mode. During the Journey mode, they play randomly selected Straight-Up and Ball games across levels on a map. With Straight-Up play, they perform basic bubble shooting. They shoot Borb heads at rows of Borbs and Lumps. They remove the heads from playfields by creating sets of at least three matching heads. With Ball play, they remove heads in sets of at least three, but the heads aren't in rows. The heads stick together at the center of the field and rotate around the central point. During Endless mode, the player selects either type of play. Their goal is to play for the highest number of points.

Bubble Town Quest features many of the obstacles seen in Bubble Town. For example, the player must defeat Lumps, shroud clouds, shot-blockers and sleeping Borbs. They also use power-up boosters. For example, they might use a Sureshot booster to give the laser aiming line a crosshair target or a Hotfoot to burn a path through the heads.

How to Play:

Select a mode. Select a type of play. Follow the on-screen prompts to remove heads from each playfield and earn points. Perform shots off walls to earn a higher number of points. Try to perform huge drops. Whenever possible, remove obstacles and heads with boosters.


Mouse: Click buttons. To fire a Borb projectile head from the cannon, drag the mouse and touch the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To fire a Borb from the cannon, drag the finger or stylus and touch the trackpad or screen surface.

Bubble Town Quest
Bubble Town Quest.

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