Bubble Shooter Free

Bubble Shooter Free is a free online version of the classic bubble-popping game presented with vibrant graphics. The game pleasantly contrasts a dark blue playfield with stunningly vivid colored bubbles. The player's goal is to play the game as long as possible and rank the highest score by attempting to clear the field of bubbles using a ring shooter, a dotted sight line, and bubble projectiles.

The player performs this task by connecting, via match-3 rules, the projectile with two or more adjacent matching bubbles on the field. Every time they fail to make a match, they lose one of the three silver bubbles next to the shooter. When no more remain, the game generates another bubble row along the top of the field.

The game doesn't pop the bubbles immediately and assign points on the field. Instead, the bubbles drop to the bottom of the screen, bounce around, and then fall into sections that assign different points. The game also assigns special points whenever the player completes a certain number of consecutive matches, successful difficult angled shots off the side walls, and small drops or avalanches that contain both linked bubbles and non-matching ones beneath the matched ones.

Bubble Shooter Free rewards the player with a rainbow swirl bubble that can knock free bubbles of any color. The player earns this booster by performing matches and filling an energy bar on the ring.

How to Play:

Attempt to make matches with the shooter and projectiles. Whenever possible, always shoot the projectile at a matching bubble, even if a match-3 outcome doesn't yet exist, to set up another shot. Use the rainbow bubble booster.


Mouse: Click buttons and icons. To use the ring shooter, direct the sight line by sliding the mouse, and then click once.
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons. To use the shooter, direct the sight line by sliding a finger or stylus and tap once.

Bubble Shooter Free
Bubble Shooter Free.

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