Bubble Shooter World Cup

Bubble Shooter World Cup is a relaxing bubble-popping game with a World Cup soccer theme. While thousands of fans watch from the crowded stadium, the player attempts to burst soccer ball bubbles that display the country flags of World Cup finalists. Countries represented by the flags include Argentina, Brazil, France and Germany.

The player can only remove balls when they shoot or kick a ball via the arrow shooter at two or more connected balls that display matching flags. To make accurate shots, the player can aim with the gradient-blue shooter arrow and bounce balls off the sides of the field. They can also plan ahead by reviewing the preview ball on the bar below the shooter.

Bubble Shooter World Cup allows the player to fail to make matches and remove soccer balls from the field up to four times, which it indicates by decreasing the number of four white balls on the bar with the preview soccer ball. It then issues a penalty by adding an extra row to the top of the screen. When this happens, the balls in the other rows roll and change positions.

If the balls roll too far down the field, the player loses the game. They can continue to play by watching a video or starting over. Either way, the game reveals the number of bubbles popped so far, the score, the bonus score and the total final score.

How to Play:

Direct the shot by aligning the gradient-blue shooter arrow. Shoot the soccer ball toward two matching, connected balls. If necessary to achieve the best angle for a shot, bounce the ball off the sidewalls.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot or kick a soccer ball bubble, slide the mouse and click once.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot the soccer ball, slide the finger or stylus and tap once.

Bubble Shooter World Cup
Bubble Shooter World Cup.

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