Zumba Mania

Zumba Mania is a bubble-popping game that features colorfully decorated marbles instead of bubbles. In a jungle locale, the player helps frogs remove snakes made of marbles from winding tracks to prevent the snakes from rolling into scary holes. They must perform this task quickly to earn all three stars rewarded across each of the game's 60 levels.

A hole automatically pulls a snake into it with only one marble. The player must destroy the marbles by using projectiles fired from a frog's mouth to create connected lines of three or more matching marbles. When the player shoots a purple marble at two or more matching connected ones, for example, the game removes the marbles and rolls the ones in front of the gap backward. If the player creates a line of three next to two matching linked marbles, the two marbles sometimes disappear as well if the backward roll causes a matching marble to roll into the third place.

As the player progresses through the levels, Zumba Mania challenges them with complex obstacles, such as clouds that block the view of the snake marbles and a lack of signage to indicate the exits of tunnels. That said, it provides the player with diamonds to buy power-ups, such as bombs and lightning bolts, that destroy the marbles faster. The player can also select the frog's head to swap the marble on top of it with the one in its mouth. Additionally, they can shoot unneeded marbles through gaps or into empty areas so that the marbles don't become part of and extend the snake.

How to Play:

Shoot projectile marbles out of the frog's mouth toward two or more matching connected marbles to make the marbles disappear or at single marbles to set up future shots. If necessary, swap projectiles, use boosters, and shoot into empty areas. Buy new frog shooters and boosters with diamonds.


Mouse: Click the left button to use buttons and shoot projectiles. To aim the frog shooter, slide the mouse.
Mobile: Tap the touch screen or pad to use buttons and shoot projectiles. To aim the frog, slide the finger or stylus.

Zumba Mania
Zumba Mania.

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