Bubble Shooter Free 2

Bubble Shooter Free 2, the next installment of the Bubble Shooter Free series, upgrades the player's experiences to provide more ways to enjoy countless hours of bubble-popping fun. As with the first game, the player uses colorful bubble projectiles that look like they've been coated with glossy, wet paint to knock similar bubbles from the play field to attempt to rank a high score on a trophy leaderboard.

The player must create lines of three or more identical adjacent bubbles using a projectile and at least two linked matching bubbles on the field. The game rewards the player with points by knocking the bubbles into five different point sections horizontally arranged near the shooter. The player also receives points for performing difficult shots and dropping small groups of both matched and non-matched bubbles with one shot.

Bubble Shooter Free 2 offers several new play features. For example, the player can knock non-matched bubbles using a booster that they earn by charging the shooter, but the booster looks like a golden ball with a center of white light instead of a swirled rainbow ball, as seen in the first game. They also receive access to two projectiles at a time, rather than one. They can use a swap tool, two arrows to the right of the projectile, to switch around the projectiles to increase their match opportunities. That said, after they use the tool three times, they must watch ads to perform more swaps.

How to Play:

Make matches by shooting projectiles at the bubbles. Whenever it becomes available, shoot the golden bubble. If necessary, attach a projectile to an unlinked matching bubble to prepare for a future match-3 opportunity.


Mouse: Click buttons. Drag the mouse and click the left button to knock bubbles from the field.
Mobile: Tap buttons. Drag the stylus or finger and tap the touch pad or screen to hit bubbles.

Bubble Shooter Free 2
Bubble Shooter Free 2.

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