Bubble Fall

Bubble Fall is a shooting and popping game that takes play in an entirely different direction than most bubble shooters. The player, in an almost first-person-shooter perspective, waits on a suspension bridge near a verdant forest. Colored plastic balls, distributed in a wide range of patterns, roll down the bridge toward them. The player shoots colored projectile balls at the pattern to release balls from it. When the balls pass by the ring shooter and roll out of view, they finally pop and make beautiful musical instrument sounds.

The player can't force the balls to release from the pattern unless they hit two or more color-matched ones with a color-matched projectile. They release the most balls if they touch a part of the pattern that connects a line of bubbles closer to the top of the screen and furthest away from the shooter and player's position. The game provides them with a golden laser targeting line to guarantee precise shots.

Bubble Fall also provides the player with boosters, including bombs that blow up and release large circular areas of balls and rockets that speed through and release a long strip of balls. Additionally, the player can release balls by targeting ones marked with white gift boxes.

If the player repeatedly releases balls, they receive increasingly multiplied points. They also receive a higher number of points for releasing a lot of balls at one time.

How to Play:

Review the two projectiles in the shooter. If necessary, select the shooter to switch the first projectile to one that guarantees a match on the bridge. Use the laser line to align the shot. Shoot the plastic ball. When available, open gift boxes and shoot boosters.


Mouse: Click the screen, icons and shooter. To shoot a plastic projectile ball, click the left button after sliding the mouse.
Mobile: Tap the screen, icons and shooter. To shoot a plastic ball, tap the touch pad or screen after sliding the finger or stylus.

Bubble Fall
Bubble Fall.

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