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Solitaire games

Solitaire games give players the opportunity to test and improve their card-playing skills. They require that players understand tabletop card games, standard suits (clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades) and sequential card orders utilized when pulled from a standard 52-card deck of cards (A, 1, 2, 3, 4... 9, 10, J, Q and K). Players can explore Solitaire gameplay for a fun experience or try to master complex alternative play.

With classic Solitaire, players try to arrange mixed up cards placed on a tabletop in vertical rows in faceup and facedown positions into sequentially ordered suit-matched piles. Some games require that players arrange the suit piles within a specific amount of time. If a player fails to finish before a timer ticks down, they must start over from scratch. Some games use point or score systems and increase or decrease the amounts ​based on the number of moves it takes for a player to create the matched piles.

Players need an abundance of patience because the card rearrangements that they make in the vertical rows can sometimes make it impossible for them to access the cards they need to complete the suit piles. When they run out of cards in the rows and deck to place into piles in sequence, they must start over. All of these games originate from tabletop card games. Solitaire is also known by the name "Patience" because the French thought of it as "an exercise in patience." That said, e-versions like the ones on this page are the descendants of a combination of those offline games and Microsoft Solitaire.

In all versions of Solitaire, players need to anticipate where to reposition each card in either the vertical rows or empty slots to give them the best opportunities to reveal and access the specific cards they need to complete each suit from Ace to King.

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We've collected top web versions of popular Solitaire games, including Solitaire, Solitaire Class, Double Solitaire, FreeCell Solitaire, FreeCell Big Solitaire, FreeCell Classic, Klondike Solitaire, 1 Suit Spider Solitaire and Tripeaks Solitaire.
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