Spider Solitaire Big

Spider Solitaire, often referred to as Spider or Spider Solitaire Big, is a modern version of the classic game that offers three modes of play: 1 Suit (easy), 2 Suits (hard) and 4 Suits (very hard). On gradient-green baize, the player attempts to earn the highest score possible by creating descending order (K to A) new columns called "spider legs" with 10 pre-existing columns and a stock pile of standard playing cards. 

The player initially rearranges face-up cards to flip face-down ones and create builds. If they think they don't have any more moves, they use a frosted lightbulb icon button to see a hint (i.e., the game briefly highlights a card available for transfer with black and then highlights a second available card that's one number above it). 

If no move exists, the player can try a different strategy by using the frosted back arrow button to undo some moves. They can also use the draw pile to release 10 new cards across the columns five times. If all else fails, they can reset the current game or try a new one by using the corner gear icon button.

Spider Solitaire Big also provides the player with free cells after they remove a pre-existing column. One of these empty spaces, outlined with the shape of a card, allows them to move cards into a different position beyond the columns to flip more cards or create faster builds. 

When the player wins, the game provides them with their score, the minutes played, the number of moves, and the all-time high score. 

How To Play

Select a mode. Shift around the order of the face-up cards to start descending-order builds and flip over face-down cards. Create spider legs that range from K to A. Use the lightbulb and back arrow options. Pull cards from the stock pile. Unblock the new builds. After winning, play again to beat the last score, time and moves.


Mouse: Click buttons, cards and groups of ordered cards.
Mobile: Tap buttons, cards and groups of cards.

Spider Solitaire Big
Spider Solitaire Big.

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