Solitaire Story 2

Solitaire Story 2 is the second chapter of a fun travel-themed TriPeaks card game series. The player plays with high-low next-card mechanics to complete tasks for a fox named Foxy while enjoying stunning scenes of places from around the world. Beyond the places depicted in the first game, Solitaire Story 2 also includes Berlin, Cambodia, Chile, Greece, Madagascar, New Zealand, Norway and the French Riviera! The player merely needs to successfully progress through a location's levels to unlock the next one.

Gameplay consists of the player selecting the next high or low face-up card after a card next to the draw pile based on the ascending or descending order of standard playing cards. If the player can't find what they need, then they draw one or more cards until they can once again draw from the center cards.

Solitaire Story 2 makes an available next card pulsate on the playfield. It provides Boom!, Zap!, and other boosters that blast away any cards to clear the field faster. Although the game also introduces obstacles, such as a round black bomb at the corner of a card that can explode and add cards to the field, it provides access to purchasable Joker wild cards that can fill in for any card and an undo booster that reverses the last move.

The player receives coins, gifts, points and stars when they perform well. They also receive rewards when they achieve a specific number of bonus streaks, cards, club cards and stars. They can participate in events and unlock new themes for the back of the cards based on each location.

How to Play:

Find the next high or low card after the face-up card next to the draw pile. When necessary, use draw-pile cards. Use special cards and boosters. Collect coins, gifts and prizes. Participate in events. Unlock theme-specific cards.


Mouse: Click buttons, cards and all other elements.
Mobile: Tap all UI elements.

Solitaire Story 2
Solitaire Story 2.

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