Solitaire is an online card game that represents the Klondike version of classic tabletop Solitaire. As with that game, the player clears a virtual tabletop of seven columns of cards displayed in face-down and face-up layers by rearranging the cards into four distinct suit-based piles.

The player starts by using the Settings button in the bottom-right area. They might choose the easier 1-card draw rather than the 3-draw one, access a card design area, sign up for an account to track their games, or review in-game achievements. The More button in the bottom-right corner allows them to access a leaderboard, statistics, rules and help. After they finish, they use the lower-left corner New Game button to select a play mode (i.e., Random Shuffle, Winning Deal or Daily Challenges).

The rules of Solitaire are the same as in the offline version. The player builds ascending sequence, same-suit piles from Ace (A) to King (K) in the upper-right area foundation slots by rearranging cards in the columns into descending sequence, alternating color and suit builds starting with K at the top and 2 as the last card in the column. 

Whenever the player can't build using cards already in the columns, they use an unlimited upper-right area draw pile. The game also provides an Undo button to reverse the last move and a Hint button to reveal a card in the columns that they can transfer into another column or build.

When the player wins enough times in a month, the game rewards them with bronze, silver and gold trophies.

How To Play

Select a draw-pile setup and perform other settings changes, as desired. Select a mode of play. Slide cards to different columns to reveal and transfer the Aces. Continue this process to build columns and piles. Reverse a move or reveal a card.


Keyboard: Reverse the last move with the U key. Reveal a card with H.
Mouse: Click buttons. To slide a card into position, click and slide the mouse.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To slide a card, tap and slide the tip of the finger or stylus.


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