Freecell Blue

Freecell, also known as Freecell Blue and Freecell Solitare Blue, is an online FreeCell card game that features a gradient-blue instead of a classic green tabletop. It challenges the player to create four ascending-order piles of cards, Aces to Kings, in the upper-right foundation area by suit. The player uses layered face-up cards in eight columns and four empty upper-left spaces, or free cells, to create the piles. 

The player must reorder the column cards in descending order (Kings to 2s) by alternating colors and suits to reach the Aces to start and build the foundation piles. If they need to discard a card temporarily to reach another card for a build, they can place it in one of the free cells. After they clear all of the cards from a column, they also receive an extra, slightly darker free cell in the gap. If they need to undo a move for any reason, they use the semicircular backward arrow button. To start a new game, they use the X button.

Freecell Blue tracks the player's number of moves at the lower-left corner of the playfield. It tracks the time at the lower-right corner. At the end of a game, it provides the amount of time played, number of moves, total games played, total games won and best time. 

How To Play

Scan the columns for the Aces. Reorder the cards to build descending, alternating-color-and-suit piles that permit access to the Aces. To temporarily place a card or cards out of the way, use the four initial free cells and the cells behind the columns. Build ascending-order, suit-based piles in the foundation spaces. If necessary, reverse one or more moves with the semicircular back arrow.


Mouse: Click buttons and cards. To move cards manually, click and drag the card or cards.
Mobile: Tap buttons and cards. To slide cards by hand, tap and drag the card or cards.

Freecell Blue
Freecell Blue.

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