Freecell Big

Freecell Solitaire, also known as Freecell Big, is a card game based on the classic Solitaire game of the same name. On a green baize table with a wooden top border, the player redistributes 52 playing cards displayed face-up in eight layered columns on the tableau into four suit-based spaces. The word "freecell" refers to four empty non-suit spaces they can use as temporary holding areas.

The player starts the foundation piles with Ace cards. They can only place cards in the foundation in an ascending order (i.e., Ace to King) based on the same color and suit. They can only access Aces and redistribute cards on the tableau by building descending order (i.e., King to Ace) columns based on alternating colors and different suits.

Freecell Big allows the player to reverse one or more moves with a back arrow button at the bottom-right corner. If they want to restart the game, they can use the gear icon at the lower-right corner. The gear menu also allows them to start a brand new game on the same menu.

The player can also use the menu, or the number at the upper-right corner of the playfield, to select a new game based on preset game numbers ranging from 1 to 9999999. Lastly, they can track their statistics (i.e., the number of games won and lost and their win percentage).

How To Play

Look for the Aces among the face-up cards. Create a strategy to reach the Aces and transfer each one to the foundation spaces. Use the freecells. Build new columns and foundation piles. If necessary, use the back arrow button to reverse one or more moves. Track the current time, the number of moves so far, and the number of cards on the table along the top of the field.


Mouse: Click buttons. To move a card or partial build automatically, click it. To perform a manual move, click and drag the card or cards.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To move a card or partial build automatically, tap it. To perform a manual move, tap and drag the card or cards.

Freecell Big
Freecell Big.

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