Double Klondike Solitaire

Double Solitaire, also known as Double Klondike Solitaire, offers similar play to Solitaire Klondike, but the game takes twice as long and offers two times the fun. The player must transfer 104 standard playing cards (i.e., two decks) from nine columns at the center of a blue tabletop and an upper-left draw pile to eight empty spaces. During timed play, they attempt to complete the transfers as quickly as possible to earn the highest score based on the value of the cards and a time bonus. If they go too slowly, they can lose points.

The player can only cycle through cards in the draw pile twice. As a result, they must first attempt to transfer as many face-up column cards and flip-over and transfer as many face-down ones as possible. They build new columns in descending order, alternating color and suit, starting with Kings and ending with 2s to reveal face-down cards. They build piles in the empty spaces above the columns in ascending order, identical color and suit, starting with Aces and finishing with Kings.

Double Solitaire allows the player to restart the same game via a reload back arrow at the bottom-right corner. They can also start a new game by using the plus (+) sign at the lower-left corner. If they win, they can try to beat their best score by playing again. The game tracks their last-best one to the right of their current one.

How To Play

Select the button to draw one card (easy mode) from the draw pile at a time or three cards (hard mode). Transfer cards to build new columns and reveal face-down cards. Start the piles in the empty spaces with Aces. Transfer all cards eventually to the spaces. Play fast to earn a bonus. Play more than once to beat previous scores.


Mouse: Click buttons, icons, text and cards. To prevent card auto-transfer, click and drag a card. 
Mobile: Tap buttons, icons, text and cards. To prevent card auto-transfer, tap and drag a card.

Double Klondike Solitaire
Double Klondike Solitaire.

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