Solitaire Story 3

Solitaire Story 3, a Solitaire card game, brings back the adorable Foxy with literally thousands of fun missions that begin with TriPeaks play. As with the previous games in the series, the player travels around the globe by playing TriPeaks card games in virtual representations of real travel destinations, such as the Bali, Ireland, Mongolia, the North Pole, Portugal and Thailand.

The player can only remove cards from the beautiful backdrops by selecting the high or low card at the center of the scene that's next after a deck card at the bottom-center of the screen. The player continues this action until they run out of sequence cards and must draw from the deck. They draw until they find a match, and then return to removing cards from the playfield. The player must complete this task successfully across all levels in a location to unlock the next exciting travel spot via the main screen's globe button.

The game challenges the player in a wide range of ways. For example, it places lock cards across some cards at times. The player can only remove these cards by finding key cards hidden among the face-down cards on the field. The player can get ahead by using Joker wild cards, for example, in place of other cards and accessing booster cards. If they make the wrong move, they can also buy undo-move assistance.

Solitaire Story 3 provides a lot more rewards and ways to play than its predecessors. The player can upgrade Foxy's treasure chest for better rewards or watch ads to receive extras. They can play a lucky prize wheel and collect daily bonus rewards.

The player also receives mission rewards for a specific number of cards, stars, club cards and bonus streaks. They receive badges for completing specific achievements. They can also participate in special events and the weekly ticket challenge to earn stickers and hats for their avatar. As with previous games, they can also unlock new card back designs.

How to Play:

Use high-low next-card rules to remove all cards. If necessary, use the deck, Jokers, boosters, the undo option and other tools. Participate in various events. Earn, win and receive items.


Mouse: Click interface elements.
Mobile: Tap elements.

Solitaire Story 3
Solitaire Story 3.

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