Spider Solitaire Classic

Spider Solitaire, known commonly as Spider Solitaire Classic, is an online version of the classic card game. On a carved wooden tabletop, the player uses traditional cards in 10 columns and a draw pile to create eight new columns (i.e., spider legs) that range from Kings to Aces in a descending, same-suit order. They also attempt to finish their task quickly to earn the highest possible score.

The game offers three difficulty levels (i.e., Easy - 1 Suit, Normal - 2 Suits, and Hard - 4 Suits). The player can rearrange cards by any color and suit in descending order, but they can only create the spider legs when they build columns with the same color and suit. That said, the cards have a dirty appearance that can throw off play slightly by making it difficult for the player to see clearly.

The player must also rearrange face-up cards into other columns to flip over face-down ones and initiate releases of 10-card draws from the draw pile five times. In both of these scenarios, they might create difficult scenarios. For example, they block partial builds of new columns with cards from the pile.

If they make a regretful reordering decision, the player can undo one move at a time using a lower-right corner back arrow. They can also restart the game or set up a new one at any time by accessing a menu with the lower-left X or the upper-left three-line icon.

Spider Solitaire Classic allows the player to review their score, bonus score and the number of moves they use to reach their goal across the top of the tabletop during play.

How To Play

Choose a difficulty level based on the number of suits. Rearrange the column cards. Use the draw pile. After finishing the task, replay at a different difficulty level or play the same one to beat the last score, bonus score and number of moves.


Mouse: Click buttons and
Mobile: Tap elements. To move cards, tap or tap and drag a card or a set of cards.

Spider Solitaire Classic
Spider Solitaire Classic.

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