2 Suits Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire 2 Suits, also known as 2 Suits Spider Solitaire, is another classic Spider Solitaire card game. The player goal is to earn the highest score with the fastest time while attempting to rearrange two mixed suits of face-down and face-up standard playing cards spread across 10 columns into descending-order (Kings to Aces), single-suit columns called spider legs. The game has an 11th-column stock pile, or draw pile, that the player uses to complete this task.

Although the player can arrange the cards in the 10 columns with either the same suit or mixed suits, they must attempt to stick with the same-suit arrangement as much as possible to protect against accidentally blocking their own builds. When they use the stock pile, they also block their builds temporarily with 10 new cards each time. They must use the pile five times, which means they must rearrange 50 cards after the cards block the bottom of their new columns with each draw from the pile. 

2 Suits Spider Solitaire displays the score next to a star at the upper-left corner and the timer at the upper-right corner. If the player needs one or more moves, the game provides them with a left-pointing, straight-arrow button. If they want to start over, the semicircular back arrow resets everything.

How To Play

Review the available face-up cards. Rearrange the cards to reveal all face-down and draw-pile cards, and build the spider legs. If necessary, reverse previous moves or reset the entire game.


Mouse: Click buttons. To rearrange cards automatically, click each single card or partial build. To perform this task manually, click and drag a card or build.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To rearrange cards, click each single card or partial build. To manually rearrange cards, click and drag a card or build.

2 Suits Spider Solitaire
2 Suits Spider Solitaire.

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