Spider Solitaire Blue

Spider, also known as Spider Solitaire and Spider Solitaire Blue, is a card game based on classic Spider Solitaire displayed on a blue instead of green card table. The player must attempt to earn the most points while creating the legs of a spider with layered cards from ten tableau columns and 10-card-draw stock-pile cards.

The player receives access to three levels of difficulty. They select 1 Suit (easy), 2 Suits (hard) or 4 Suits (extremely difficult) at the start of the game. From there, the game presents them with both face-down and face-up cards in the columns. They rearrange the cards across the columns to flip face-down cards and build the legs using a descending order (i.e., Kings to Aces). 

When the player completes a leg, the game removes the column. They can then use a space at the top as a free cell that makes it possible for them to place a card or cards aside temporarily while rearranging cards. If they can't transfer any cards, they can undo a move using the back arrow button. Otherwise, they must use the lower-right corner stock pile. This actions makes the game assign one new card to each column, which can block builds. The player must then rearrange the cards to reopen the new columns. They can draw from the pile five times.

Spider Solitaire Blue tracks the time at the upper-left corner and the score at the upper-right corner. If the player wins, it displays their time played, the number of moves it took, their score and their best score.

How To Play

Select a difficulty level based on the number of suits. Rearrange cards across columns to build descending order new columns. When necessary, use the stock pile. After the game removes a new column, move a card or cards into the free cell to flip and reveal more cards. Complete all of the spider legs. Play multiple times to beat previous times and scores.


Mouse: Click buttons and cards. If auto-transfer isn't desired, click and slide a card or partial build of cards.
Mobile: Tap buttons and cards. For manual transfer, drag and slide a card or cards.

Spider Solitaire Blue
Spider Solitaire Blue.

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