Freecell Solitaire Time

Freecell Solitaire Time is a speed-round version of classic FreeCell. On a gradient, purplish-blue tabletop with only 10 minutes of time on the clock, the player attempts to fill four empty spaces in a foundation area by suit in ascending order (A to K) using cards from eight columns of mixed-suit, face-up standard playing cards. They can only rearrange the column cards into descending order (K to 2) builds by alternating colors and suits. 

The player receives four free card-shaped spaces or cells that act like placeholders. When they don't need a specific card temporarily to complete their new column builds, they can transfer it to one of these spaces. They must strategically think several moves ahead when using the free cells to guarantee that they don't run out of spaces for unneeded cards that prevent them from fulfilling their task. Any time they use all the cards in a pre-existing column, they receive an extra light-colored space at the top of the previous column gap that acts like a free cell as well.

Freecell Solitaire Time tracks the player's moves, point score and remaining time during play. If the player needs to stop the game to take a pause or start over with a new game, they merely need to use the upper-left, three-line menu icon and select the resume, new game, or restart option, respectively. After they win the game, they receive their stats (i.e., final time and score, number of games played, number of games won, best time, and high score).

How To Play

Check the columns for the locations of the A cards. Rearrange the cards in descending order to release the As from the columns. After the As transfer to the foundation spaces, continue to locate and release the next cards in the sequence (i.e., 2, 3, 4...) by suit. Make use of the free cells. Open up the extra cells behind the columns.


Mouse: Click buttons and playing cards. To drag a card or partial build to another spot on the table, click and slide the mouse.
Mobile: Tap elements. To drag a card or cards to another spot, tap and slide the finger or stylus.

Freecell Solitaire Time
Freecell Solitaire Time.

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