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Bubble Shooter games

In Bubble Shooter games, players must clear a top-of-screen field of two or more horizontal rows of colored bubbles using a shooter tool before the bubbles fill up the screen and make it impossible to point the shooter. Players fire a bubble that becomes available in the shooter at a bubble of a matching color on the bottom row. The bubbles pop when players hit three or more bubbles of the same color.

Do you love to pop liquid bubbles or bubble wrap? Do you enjoy shooter and platformer games? We have a wide variety of Bubble Shooter games just for you that combine all of these elements.

Does popping bubbles with or without a shooter make you feel relaxed or satisfied after each pop? If so, you're not alone. Scientists have discovered that many people experience a feeling of deep satisfaction when they pop bubbles. Japanese game designer Fukio Mitsuji, who designed the 1986 Bubble Bobble platform-style, bubble-popping arcade game that serves as the predecessor of all current match-3 and other bubble popping games, supposedly designed the game in part because he felt that players would experience a "thrilling sensation" and "fun" from popping bubbles.

The games vary from classic basic and complex versions to unique ones that offer other types of gameplay in addition to bubble popping. Some of these games require that players earn a certain number of points to proceed to the next level or finish before a timer runs out as each level becomes increasingly difficult. The original arcade platformer set the standard with single player, multiplayer, themed story and boss fight options.

Modern bubble shooters have many classic elements, but they also offer unique features. For example, some games are only available for single player users. In candy-style games, players must clear away candies and snacks in place of bubble icons. Some games require that players free items or characters trapped inside of the bubbles. A lot of these games present players with unique characters that go on adventures to different geographic locations.

Pop bubbles for stimulation and relaxation!

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