Balls And Bricks

Balls and Bricks is a brick-breaking game with simple point-and-shoot action. The player attempts to earn diamonds while breaking numbered bricks with a ball or balls. 

After the player picks a language via a country flag, they receive one ball to start. The number of balls always appears above a single ball in the resting position along the bottom of the field. No matter how many balls the player uses, the game only ever shows one ball at final rest.

The player uses a laser pointer to direct the first ball to hit a brick or bricks. Every hit reduces the number on a brick by one point. They can hit a brick directly or bounce the ball off other bricks or the side walls and ceiling to generate multiple hits off the same brick. They can also use the ball to collect additional balls on the field and set off boosters. 

The game sometimes displays a symbol of a double arrow pointing left and right inside a bubble. When the player hits this booster with a ball, it creates electricity that decreases the number on any bricks to the left and right of it. After they earn enough diamonds, they can purchase access to extra boosters below the playfield that include the electric one, lightning and fireballs.

Balls and Bricks also allows the player to use diamonds to buy new ball skins. They can change the white ball to look like round shapes (i.e., sports balls, food, heads and other objects).

How To Play

Use the first ball to collect additional balls and break bricks. Earn diamonds. Use boosters. Whenever possible, buy additional boosters. Play as long as possible. Upgrade the ball skin.


Mouse: Click buttons and icons. To aim and shoot a ball or balls, click and drag the mouse and then release the button.
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons. To shoot balls, tap and drag the finger or stylus and then stop pressing the screen or trackpad.

Balls And Bricks
Balls And Bricks.

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