Bubble Shooter Extreme

Bubble Shooter Extreme is a bubble-shooting game that features extremely difficult rules. As with other bubble shooters, the player attempts to remove all the colored balls from a playfield and earn points by using a gray arrow-style shooter at the bottom-center of the screen to shoot projectiles at the balls. They earn points by matching the projectile with two or more connected, identical hanging bubbles. The connected bubbles then burst with golden flashing lights like explosives.

With this version, the game displays the balls against a sky background. The player initially receives five chances, as displayed with a 5x number to the far left of the shooter, to remove bubbles. The number doesn't decrease as long as they make matches. Every time they fail to make one, the number drops by one. If the number drops to zero, the game adds another row of bubbles to the field.

Bubble Shooter Extreme challenges the player by reducing the number of chances every time it adds a row (i.e., 5x drops to 4x during the next round, 4x drops to 3x, and so on...). The player can add one additional chance per round by watching an advertisement. They can also reload the entire game to start over by watching an ad.

The game helps the player by showing the next projectile directly to the left of the shooter in a silver-framed horizontal box. It tracks the player's points to the right of the shooter. It also resets the chances if the player plays so long that they cycle through five rounds.

How to Play:

Review the connected matching bubbles on the field and both the shooter and preview projectiles. Place the cursor directly atop the desired bubble on the field to align the arrow. Shoot the projectile. Remove as many bubbles as possible.


Mouse: Click buttons. To position the cursor, slide the mouse. To shoot, click once.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To align the shooter, slide the finger or stylus across the trackpad or screen. To shoot, tap once.

Bubble Shooter Extreme
Bubble Shooter Extreme.

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