Bubble Shooter HD 2

Bubble Shooter HD 2 is a classic bubble-popping variant based on Bubble Shooter HD. It's presented with beautiful, high-definition, multicolored bubbles that seem coated with glossy paint. To win, the player must pop the bubbles in groups of three or more identical-colored bubbles across three difficulty levels for as long as possible. Their goals are to earn a high score and prevent the bubbles from sliding to the bottom of the playfield.

The player starts by selecting a difficulty level. They can either use the hamburger icon and Difficulty button or select the preset Novice text to choose a level (i.e., Novice, Expert or Master). They then review the projectile bubble in the shooter, which features a semi-translucent, frosted targeting arrow and look for matches on the field. They can only pop three or more identical, linked bubbles. When they shoot a projectile at a color-matched playfield bubble that's linked to other matching bubbles, the game bursts the group and any bubbles connected to it underneath in flashes of white and color-matching rings.

Bubble Shooter HD 2 penalizes the player any time they fail to make the shot. After they fail five times, as indicated by disappearing gray bubbles, the game slides a new row of bubbles onto the field. The game makes the challenge more difficult over time by sliding more than one row onto the screen at a time.

The player's score updates at the top of the screen. Their best score ever is presented near the top-left corner with a trophy icon. If the player wants to review their stats, they can select this area or use the hamburger icon to access the Stats button.

How to Play: 

Review the projectile bubble and the bottommost row of bubbles. After using the targeting arrow to align the shot, fire the projectile at two or more linked, matching bubbles or set up a future shot. Play for as long as possible.


Mouse: Click buttons, icons and text. To shoot with the arrow shooter, drag the mouse and click once.
Mobile: Tap buttons, icons and text. To use the shooter, drag the finger or stylus and tap the screen or trackpad once.

Bubble Shooter HD 2
Bubble Shooter HD 2.

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