Candy Bubble

Candy Bubble is a bubble-popping game set in a world made of sweet treats where a princess lives with her cute white puppy in a castle built with candy canes and other desserts. Among the ice cream hills marked by chocolate chip cookie and strawberry hard candy rocks and topiary-style red-and-white cream swirl lollipops, the player bursts candy bubbles with color-matched projectiles using a portal launcher.

The player receives missions from the princess. For example, she might ask them to burst clusters that contain at least the projectile and two matching bubbles or retrieve keys from special golden bubbles. The player might need to clear the field entirely or only collect every key to win. The player receives help with performing precision shots from a sight line made of color-matched candy dots.

The game assigns floating points when the bubbles pop. It also assigns bonus points whenever falling non-matched bubbles caused by an avalanche drop onto the tops of the lollipops and projectiles remain in the launcher at the end of a level. It rewards the player with up to three luxurious gold stars per level. That said, the player loses stars if they finish their task too slowly. They also fail a level if they run out of projectiles.

Candy Bubble offers incredibly unique play. Instead of a projectile sticking to non-matching bubbles with even the slightest impact, as seen with the majority of bubble shooters, it bounces or rolls like a piece of hard candy. This action can make it slide past non-matching bubbles on the lower row and glide into a desired position on an upper one.

How to Play:

Review the assignment from the princess. Shoot bubbles with matching candy projectiles. Complete each task before the projectiles run out. Earn stars. 


Keyboard: Swap projectiles by pressing the Spacebar key.
Mouse: Click the launcher to swap projectiles. Shoot by gliding the mouse across a surface and clicking the left button.
Mobile: Tap the launcher to swap projectiles. Shoot by gliding a finger or stylus across the trackpad or screen and tapping the surface.

Candy Bubble
Candy Bubble.

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