Bubble Shooter Candy 2

Bubble Shooter Candy 2, a candy-themed bubble-popping continuation of the popular Bubble Shooter Candy game, offers a player the opportunity to test their shooting and strategy skills in Novice, Expert and Master modes. As with its predecessor, it requires a player to earn the highest possible score in a candy world by knocking candy disk-like bubbles from a playfield where they hang above a shooter that features a semi-translucent white arrow, a dotted guidance system, and colorful candy bubble projectiles.

The player can only knock away two or more candies at a time that match the color of the projectile. When the candies drop, they bounce like balls into points areas across the bottom of the playfield, where they burst outward with white light in a bubble shape. Given that the candies might bounce into any of the areas that vary widely in terms of the number of rewarded points, the game does feature a random chance element in addition to required precision shooting skills.

Bubble Shooter Candy 2 also has a foul system that penalizes the players if they fail to remove any bubbles with a shot. They receive five foul attempts, represented by silver candy bubbles below the shooter. That said, the player receives a preview of the next available projectile to the left end of the foul bubbles. Additionally, some bubbles drop off the rows automatically and fall into the points areas when the game slides a row of more candies onto the field. The game displays the player's score to the right of the shooter. It displays the last best score to the left next to a trophy icon.

How to Play:

Select the gear at the bottom-left corner of the screen. Select a mode. Align the semi-translucent white arrow. Shoot the candy projectile. Continue shooting projectiles to clear the field of all candies.


Mouse: Click elements. To align the arrow and shoot, drag the mouse and click once.
Mobile: Tap elements. To align the arrow and shoot, drag the stylus or finger and tap once.

Bubble Shooter Candy 2
Bubble Shooter Candy 2.

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