Bubble Up

Bubble Up is a bubble-popping game that features a forest theme. The player bursts matching sets of three or more bubbles in lines or groups within hanging rows using projectile bubbles and a glowing white ring shooter.

The center of the ring displays the number of projectiles available per level. Below the field, the game displays locked rechargeable boosters that unlock on levels 5, 9, 13 and 17. Along with the standard projectiles, the player uses these boosters, including bombs and rockets, to burst bubbles.

With standard projectiles, the player must shoot a projectile at two or more linked bubbles that have identical colors. They can use a pulsating laser line for targeting or swap the primary projectile with the secondary one to improve their chances of making a color-matched shot. With boosters, they usually take out sections that contain identical or mixed bubbles.

Bubble Up provides the player with extra projectile bubbles if they watch ad videos. After they win, the player receives points and up to three gold stars. Over time, they can also repeatedly win chests of Stars Gifts and Bubbles Gifts that contain coin and booster prizes.

How to Play: 

Shoot projectile bubbles at sets of two or more bubbles to create three or higher bubble lines and groups. Wait for the game to remove the bubbles after each shot. If the primary bubble isn't of immediate use, swap it with the secondary bubble. Buy and use booster bubbles. Open gift chests.


Mouse: Click the left button to use buttons, swap projectiles, and shoot. To use the laser targeting line, press the left button, slide the mouse, and then stop pressing the button.

Mobile: Tap the trackpad or touchscreen to use buttons, swap projectiles, and shoot. To use the laser line, press the surface, slide the stylus or finger, and then stop.

Bubble Up
Bubble Up.

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