Bubble Spinner

Bubble Spinner is a bubble-shooting game that offers a unique new spin on classic play. As with most bubble shooters, the player's goal is to earn the most points possible by clearing the board of all bubbles by shooting rows of mixed, multicolor bubbles with bubble projectiles.

Yet, instead of shooting rows hanging from the top of the field, the player must shoot a spinning hexagon at the center. The arrow shooter isn't located at the bottom center either. It's at the top center. This upside-down setup creates a lot of different challenges for the player.

With a classic game, the rows typically stay in the same place until the player removes them, unless they shift down after the use of a specific number of projectiles. Even though the hexagon does stop spinning, every impact from a projectile makes it spin left or right in a slow or fast manner, depending on the angle of the shot and the force behind it.

As a result, the player must keep in mind strategies and rules from other popular games that require angled shots with moving targets, such as billiards and pool. After all, the bubble projectiles act like balls. The player can use the side walls to bounce projectiles and hit specific bubble targets on the hexagon. They can move the entire shape in a desired position by hitting a specific spot as well.

Bubble Spinner doesn't feature any of the helpful tools often seen in bubble-shooter games, such as a targeting line, projectile swaps or powerup boosters. The player can only see the next projectile color via a tiny bubble above the shooter.

Additionally, the game adds bubbles to the gradient blue-and-white background after the player uses a specific number of projectiles, represented by silver bubbles near the bottom-left corner. If the player allows bubbles to pile up until they come into contact with the shooter or walls, a red ring appears around the bubble that made impact, and the game ends.

Bubble Spinner
Bubble Spinner.

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