Bubble Hit

Bubble Hit is a bubble shooter that features micro-bubbles. As with shooters that feature normal-sized bubbles, the player's goal is to earn as many points as possible by bursting all bubbles on the board using a simple arrow shooter and projectile bubbles. They shoot each projectile at two or more linked bubbles that display a matching color.

The game allows the player to not make a match five times. The player can track remaining fouls to the far right of the shooter inside a silver circle. When the number reaches zero, the game drops more bubbles onto the board. It increases the challenge by giving the player fewer fouls with each round. That said, the game eventually resets the number of fouls available to five.

The player can check the next projectile color between the foul counter and the shooter. With this detail, they can use various strategies to experience as few fouls as possible. In terms of points, the player receives the most points if they burst a high number of bubbles with one shot. Typically, they achieve this task by removing a short, medium or long linked line of identical bubbles above a large number of non-matching ones (i.e., an avalanche).

Bubble Hit allows the player to change the background color by adjusting red, green and blue tones. As a result, the player can enjoy playing the game with a board that matches their preferences rather than the standard blue color often used with basic versions of this type of online game.

The game tracks and displays the player's wins, losses and winning percentage as well.

How to play

Use the Options button to change the board and background color. Shoot projectiles at linked, identical bubbles. Use strategies based on the next projectile color, the number of fouls left, and avalanche possibilities. Use the Statistics button to track play or reset the data.


Mouse: Click buttons. Slide the mouse to align the arrow. Click once to shoot.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, slide the finger or stylus, and tap once.

Bubble Hit
Bubble Hit.

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