Arkadium Bubble Shooter

Arkadium's Bubble Shooter is an endless bubble-popping game that features levels play and powerful elemental challenges and powerups across an archaic setting. Inside a court of tall, round columns and arched doorways, colorful bubbles hang directly above a short column with a hole. The player uses bubbles that float up from within this hole to hit the hanging ones. The player must win before they run out of moves or start the entire game over from the first level to attempt to score a higher amount than their last one. If they win and have moves left, the number carries over to the next level.

The player targets their shots to knock away two or more linked matching bubbles at a time in a straight line or at an angle off the walls using a line made of flowing dots. They can swap the projectiles at any time via a double-arrow icon to progress faster. The game assigns points in an upper-left score area during play. It also rewards them with point multipliers and extra projectiles for each new level.

If the player makes a match that includes a bubble that carries horizontal double arrows in Arkadium's Bubble Shooter, a bolt of lightning flashes in a horizontal line and knocks away all of the bubbles along and under it. The game also sometimes turns one of these bubbles into a purple electrified bomb that it places in the shooter for the player to use as a powerful explosive projectile. That said, it supplies brown-black, glowing and burning bombs as well on the playfield.

How to Play:

Knock at least a line of two linked, matching bubbles from the field with a projectile. Use the dots to help with targeting linked bubbles. Use powerups strategically. Empty each level's field while using the fewest moves possible.


Mouse: Drag the mouse and click the left button.
Mobile: Drag the stylus or finger and tap the touch pad or screen.

Arkadium Bubble Shooter
Arkadium Bubble Shooter.

Bubble Shooter