Bubble Woods

Bubble Woods, a bubble-shooting game similar to the popular Om Nom Bubbles, presents the player with a nighttime fantasy world where forest animals live in mushroom houses set alight with glow-in-the-dark plants. A squirrel with a sporty green visor cap challenges the player to try their hand at popping colorful clusters of bubbles marked with nature images, such as flames, leaves, mushroom caps, stars and water droplets, with matching projectiles using a cannon made of carved wood within different areas of the forest.

The player can only pop clusters that contain at least two matching bubbles and the projectile. They receive 60 seconds to earn the highest score on a wooden board beneath a purple hourglass timer with yellow sand near the upper left of the field. They can eventually earn an hourglass booster that adds an additional three seconds to the clock any time they shoot a projectile at the bubble that contains it.

Bubble Woods features a wide variety of these powerful boosters. Over time, the player can also earn a rainbow bubble that transforms every bubble linked to the one it impacts to match the upcoming projectile. Additionally, when they perform 10 continuous hits, a streak tracked in the Chain area to the right of the shooter, the game rewards them with a fireball that they can fire to cut through many different bubble clusters.

The player loses if they allow the bubble clusters to slide too close to the ground.

How to Play:

Fire bubbles at the clusters using the cannon. Buy boosters with points and then hit them during play to unleash unique powers. Earn fireballs with streaks.


Keyboard: Prompt the squirrel to swap projectiles by pressing the Spacebar.
Mouse: Click buttons and icons. To align and fire the cannon, move the mouse and press the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons. To align and fire the cannon, move the finger or stylus and press the touch pad or screen.

Bubble Woods
Bubble Woods.

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