Bubble Shooter Butterfly

Bubble Shooter Butterfly is a butterfly-themed bubble-popping game set in a beautiful outdoor area that looks like a spring or summer scene from anime. The player's goal is to use a ring shooter to free butterflies from bubbles and earn points across hundreds of levels that become more challenging over time. They can access the levels by using the continuation option after playing a level or the pause button to return to the home screen map.

The player shoots projectile bubbles at the bubbles on the playfield. They don't receive unlimited ones, which means they need to make every shot count. They use a laser aiming line with a clear, bubble-style, ring targeting tool to make precision shots. They must fire a projectile at two or more matching linked bubbles to pop the line or group. If the secondary projectile can complete a shot before the primary one, they must switch the projectiles by selecting the shooter.

Bubble Shooter Butterfly gives the player special projectiles to help them as well. For example, they receive a Floral Beam projectile that cuts a line through the bubbles like a rocket ship. Additionally, some bubbles contain fireflies that randomly fly around the field and pop bubbles after the player frees them.

After the player completes enough levels, they receive treasure chests that contain coins and special projectiles. They receive coins and up to three stars when they win a level. They can also open a daily treasure chest and spin a lucky wheel to collect additional prizes.

How to Play: 

Shoot at the bubble pattern with the projectile bubbles. Make lines or groups of three or more matching ones to clear the field. To make the process easier, use the swap option and special projectiles. Collect coins. Open the chests and spin the lucky wheel.


Mouse: Click buttons. To use the ring shooter, slide the mouse and click the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To use the shooter, slide the stylus or finger and tap the touch pad or screen.

Bubble Shooter Butterfly
Bubble Shooter Butterfly.

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