Smarty Bubbles

Smarty Bubbles is a bubble-popping game with a classic look and stunning graphics. Rows of colored bubbles that look like glossy candy-coated treats hang on a playfield in front of a gradient blue sky and drifting clouds. The player uses a frosted white arrow shooter to burst the candies and earn points. Their goal is to earn as many points as they can before the rows of bubbles reach the lowest part of the sky.

The player uses the arrow shooter to shoot bubbles at the hanging ones. When they create linked lines of three or more matched candies, the bubbles burst in place on the field, release liquid and then quickly fade away.

The game displays the color of the next projectile to the right of the shooter and up to four white bubbles that give the player a free pass should they fail to burst bubbles. When the player uses all passes, the game adds another row to the field.

Smarty Bubbles adds four new white passes after each round of failures. It also offers a targeting frame without crosshairs to direct shots and displays a black-and-yellow striped warning line above the shooter when the bubbles slide too close to it. When the player takes out a line above non-matching bubbles, it assigns the highest points possible. The candy-like objects fall to the bottom of the field and bounce away.

How to Play:

Review the current and next colored projectiles. Shoot at the hanging bubbles. Use the icon labeled with progress bars on the home page to review statistics about previous games.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot with the targeting frame, press the left button, slide the mouse, and release the button.
Without the frame, slide the mouse and click once.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot with the frame, press the trackpad or screen, slide the finger or stylus, and stop pressing the surface. Without it, slide the finger or stylus and tap once.

Smarty Bubbles
Smarty Bubbles.

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