Microsoft Bubble

Microsoft Bubble is Microsoft's version of classic Bubble Shooter reimagined for modern players. The player removes richly colored bubbles from the playfield level after level by using projectile bubbles fired from a ring shooter. For their efforts, the player receives points, golden coins that they can use to purchase booster-style powerups, and up to three stars per level. Over time, they unlock new background environments and 100 total levels.

The player uses a laser aiming line to direct the shot of a projectile bubble at two or more color-matched connected bubbles on the field. If the main projectile doesn't complete a match, they can use the swap option to try the secondary projectile.

After the player saves up enough coins, they can use powerups to remove bubbles from the field faster. These boosters include fireballs that take out a streak of mixed-colored bubbles and bombs that takes out circular areas.

If the player wants to earn the highest score possible, they merely need to shoot quickly. They can also double, triple and multiply their score to ever-higher levels by bouncing balls off the playfield walls. Additionally, they earn extra points for every bubble still in the shooter when they empty the field.

Microsoft Bubble offers a lot of other fun types of play. For example, on some levels, the player can earn extra coins by popping bubbles that contain loot.

How to Play:

Aim the laser at two or more bubbles that match the projectile. Fire the projectile bubble. If no other option's available, swap the main and secondary projectile bubbles or purchase and use boosters.


Mouse: Click buttons and icons. To aim and shoot, slide the mouse and click the left button. To swap projectile bubbles, click the right button.
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons. To shoot, slide the stylus or finger and tap the trackpad or touch screen. To swap bubbles on a trackpad, tap the right button or corner.

Microsoft Bubble
Microsoft Bubble.

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