Bubble Up Master

Bubble Up Master is a bubble-shooting game in the Bubble Up series. It features colorful bubbles sliding down the screen in front of a nighttime outdoor scene with hilly mountains in the distance and grass in the foreground.

The bubbles act like bouncy balls. The player earns points and coins by using a ring shooter to knock sets of three or more of these color-matched bubble balls into cups along the bottom. The cups feature numbers that represent the number of points rewarded to the player when a bubble drops into a specific one.

The player receives two projectiles. To improve their chances, they can select the shooter to switch between these primary and secondary projectiles at any time. The game tracks earned coins in the upper-left corner. It rewards multipliers that it tracks in the upper-right corner. The player can also earn coins and multipliers by shooting at bubbles marked with relevant symbols.

Bubble Up Master ranks the top ten players on a global leaderboard accessible via the home screen. The player can improve their chances to rank high by using four power-up balls (bomb, rainbow, rocket and energy) to remove large swaths of bubbles with one shot. The game offers gift boxes filled with extra, helpful coins and power-ups as well.

If the player allows the bubbles to pass a point of no return near the bottom of the field, they can clear the visible area, earn points and coins, and continue the game. They merely need to pay with coins or watch a video.

How to Play: 

Shoot at matching bubble balls. Buy and use power-ups. Open gift boxes. If necessary to continue the game, pay with coins or watch an ad video.


Mouse: Click buttons, icons and the shooter. To shoot, position the cursor and click the left button. To use the aiming line, click and drag the mouse.
Mobile: Tap buttons, icons and the shooter. To shoot, position the cursor and tap the trackpad or screen surface. To use the aiming line, tap and drag the finger or stylus.

Bubble Up Master
Bubble Up Master.

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