Bubble Shooter Candy 3

Bubble Shooter Candy 3 is a bubble-popping game that pulls the player into a candy world in which the bubbles are disks of colorful candies. The player performs match-3 play to knock the candies from their positions on the playfield into various points zones at the bottom of the screen. Their only goal is to earn an all-time highest score before the disks slide too far down the field.

The game provides the player with two candy projectiles at a time to give them a chance to perform continuous matches or a streak that rewards high points. That said, they must use the swaps sparingly. The game makes them watch ads to continue to use the swap tool after the first three uses. As with most match-3 shooting games, the player uses one of the projectiles to hit a link of at least two matching-color candies to knock them from the field. Points are rewarded in the zones after the candies burst or briefly turn into stars.

Bubble Shooter Candy 3 provides the player with an easy booster option that can take out a few candy bubbles at a time. After the player fills a curved gauge attached to the shooter, they receive a swirled piece of candy with rainbow colors. The number of candies it removes from the field depends on the angle of the shot. Lastly, the player can check out how their current points compare to their last scores via a trophy-style leaderboard popup.

How to Play:

Shoot round candy projectiles at hanging candies on the field. Swap candies at least three times. Strategically use the rainbow candies.


Mouse: Click user interface elements. To hit a target, slide the mouse to align the shot and click once.
Mobile: Tap interface elements. To hit a target, slide the stylus or finger and tap once.

Bubble Shooter Candy 3
Bubble Shooter Candy 3.

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