Bubbles Shooter

Bubbles Shooter is a bubble-popping game with a precious metal and gemstone jewelry theme. It features a cannon shooter instead of a classic arrow shooter or a fantasy ring shooter. The player's goal is to use the cannon and its cannonball projectiles to burst all of the cannonball bubbles on the playfield and earn a high score.

As with most traditional bubble shooters, the game presents the cannonball bubbles in mixed, multicolor rows. The player can only burst three or more connected, color-matched cannonballs. They receive the most points when they burst the highest number of bubbles with one shot and perform a streak of these types of shots. As a result, they must attempt to shoot each projectile at two or more matching adjacent cannonballs.

Bubbles Shooter provides the player with a preview of the next cannonball above the score and high score zones on the lower right side of the screen. If the player's current cannonball projectile can't complete a matched set, they can use a swap button to switch the projectiles.

As tracked with light-gray cannonballs near the bottom-left corner, the game also penalizes the player by adding more cannonballs to the field any time they fail to perform a match five times. The swap tool can prevent the player from working too hard to clear a level. That said, when the game adds new gray cannonballs, it removes one, which means the player receives fewer opportunities to make mistakes each time.

How to Play:

Shoot projectile cannonballs at matching adjacent balls on the playfield. If necessary, perform projectile swaps. To prevent the game from adding extra cannonballs to the field, try to make as few mistakes as possible. To help make accurate shots, bounce the balls off the sidewalls.


Mouse: Click buttons. To fire a bubble-like cannonball, slide and click the mouse.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To fire a cannonball, slide and tap the finger or stylus.

Bubbles Shooter
Bubbles Shooter.

Bubble Shooter