Particles Bubble Shooter

Particles Bubble Shooter is a bubble-shooting game that features flat, colored circles like round particles instead of traditional bubbles. Nearly all other aspects of the game are similar to classic versions of Bubble Shooter. The game presents the mixed-color circles in rows against a white background. The player attempts to earn as high a score as possible by shooting projectiles at the rows to create clusters of three or more matching circles.

The game provides the player with an arrow shooter with a gray targeting arrow and a projectile at the base. The player shoots this projectile at one or more matching circle particles on the bottommost row. When they shoot precisely, the bubbles pulsate and shrink from the background. They don't pop like a traditional bubble-shooting game.

The player receives a preview of the next available projectile near the bottom-left corner to the left of five gray circles that represent the number of times the player can shoot without making a cluster of matching circles disappear. After they miss five times, the game adds another row of circles along the top of the field. If the player allows any circles on the field to slide down enough times to flow below a gray-dashed horizontal line above the projectile, they lose the game.

Particles Bubble Shooter tracks the player's score in the upper-right area of the screen under a blue trophy icon. The player receives more points if they remove matching circle particle clusters that also have attached non-matching circles without any other links to the rest of the rows or an avalanche of non-matching ones.

How to Play:

Check the bottom row for opportunities to form a cluster of three or more circle particles with the projectile. Shoot the projectile. Use the preview to create strategies to remove circles. Shoot projectiles off the left and right walls for angled shots.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot circle particle projectiles, click the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot circles, tap the trackpad or screen.

Particles Bubble Shooter
Particles Bubble Shooter.

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