Om Nom Bubbles

Om Nom Bubbles features the adorable Nommie monster from the Cut the Rope games, Om Nom, offering the player bubble-shooting action with his favorite striped and swirled hard-candy treats. The player uses a cannon to shoot blue, green, red, yellow and other colors of hard candies at linked candies that slide down the screen while hanging from a structure with a banner and red-and-white striped poles. The action takes place in various in-world locations, including the home of Evan Coulton, the child who takes care of Om Nom, the beach and the forest.

The player can only pop candies when the projectile matches a candy on the field that's linked with at least one other matching candy. The game assigns points for every match. The player receives 60 seconds to earn as many points as they can using various techniques. If they complete a streak of 10 matches, they receive a fireball that they can cut and pop a wide swath of bubbles.

Om Nom loads the candies into the cannon. The player can use their controls to swap the cannon projectile with the next one available to improve their chances of making consecutive matches. They can also use a stretchable line of targeting dots to improve the accuracy of their shots.

Om Nom Bubbles rewards the player with bonus points after time runs out. The player can use these points to purchase boosters, known as boosts, that unlock after the player completes so many levels. The boosters include an hourglass that provides extra time and a magic rainbow-colored ball that changes the colors of bubbles linked to any bubble it hits to the same color as the next projectile.

How to Play:

Shoot a candy at linked matching candies to remove three or more from the field. Attempt streaks to win fireballs. Buy and use boosters. Never allow the hanging candies to slide past the shooter.


Keyboard: Use the Spacebar to swap bubbles in the shooter.
Mouse: Click buttons and icons. To swap bubbles, use the right button. To shoot, click while sliding the mouse.
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons. To shoot, tap while sliding the finger or stylus.

Om Nom Bubbles
Om Nom Bubbles.

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