Orange Ranch

Orange Ranch is a career simulation game that uses bubble-popping mechanics. The player owns an orange-grove ranch that they need to turn into a successful roadside business. They must successfully shoot bubbles to harvest crops from their orange trees. They must also perform business tasks, such as selling their oranges, using the money to invest in additional high-yield trees and processing equipment, offering new products, and upgrading their stand.

The game instructs the player to remove the bubbles around the icon of an orange to harvest oranges. The player performs this task by shooting a bubble projectile at two or more color-matched linked bubbles. They don't need to remove every bubble from the harvest playfield. They merely need to release the fruit from where it's stuck within the bubbles. To prevent losing a harvest, they must never allow the bubbles to slide down the screen past a red line.

Orange Ranch allows the player to eventually upgrade to selling bottles of juice and ice cream. They must perform extremely well with bubble shooting to release enough crop to make the sales necessary to afford high-yield trees and processing equipment that allows them to expand their business.

How to Play:

Harvest oranges by winning bubble-shooting games. Wait for customers to buy the oranges. Use the money to buy additional or larger, high-yield trees. Continue shooting bubbles and harvesting oranges. Invest in juice and ice cream makers. Expand the roadside stand. Make the orange ranch a success!


Mouse: Click buttons. To pop bubbles around the harvest orange, drag the mouse and then touch the left button. To reposition trees, click and drag the mouse.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To pop bubbles, drag the stylus or finger and then touch the trackpad or screen. To reposition objects, tap and drag the stylus or finger.

Orange Ranch
Orange Ranch.

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