Bubbles And Hungry Dragon

Bubbles & Hungry Dragon is a battle bubble shooter with online multiplayer gameplay and rankings on global and local territory leaderboards. The game requires the player to direct their dragon avatar to complete attack hits and other tasks during timed play via bubble-shooting mechanics with a ring shooter and dot-style aiming line.

The player fights in a team with a second online player against a team of two other players. They can only win by removing the other team's bubbles before their opponents remove their bubbles and earning the highest score per battle.

The game features some traditional play. The player and their teammate shoot projectiles at two or more matching bubbles. When they succeed, the game's unique battle and attack system then performs a hit against an enemy dragon that carries a colored token that matches the popped bubbles. The game also allows them to randomly shoot fireballs and other special projectiles.

Bubbles & Hungry Dragon gives the player coins after they earn points from a battle. It also provides them with other options to increase their coins, such as a free daily reward. Once the player has enough coins, they can improve their token, dragon and bubbles. They can also receive multipliers to perform upgrades by watching videos.

How to Play:

Review the colors of the projectiles and bubbles. If the main projectile won't create a line of three or more lined bubbles, swap the projectiles. Watch out for the opposing team's attacks. Shoot bubbles and special projectiles as often as necessary to win. Rejuvenate the dragon using the respawn option. Never allow the bubbles on the playfield to slide to the bottom.


Mouse: Click buttons and icons. To position the aiming line and use the shooter, slide the left mouse, and then click the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons. To aim and shoot, slide the finger or stylus, and then tap the touchscreen or trackpad.

Bubbles And Hungry Dragon
Bubbles And Hungry Dragon.

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