Bubble Shooter Candy

Bubble Shooter Candy offers bubble-popping fun with a desserts and sweet treats theme. It presents a player with row after row of mixed solid-colored, striped and swirled candies against a semi-transparent smoke-colored glass pane edged with a blue-and-white striped candy cane. The pane rests in front of a scene from a world that features an iced cake and wafer house next to a river of milk winding through cake hills covered with green icing accented with sprinkle rocks, gumdrop boulders, lollipop topiaries and striped candy-corn-shaped cake pop trees.

The player attempts to remove every candy and earn the highest possible score and bonus for an all-time high total score by popping two or more linked identical bubbles with matching projectiles fired from the bottom-center of the field with a gradient-orange arrow shooter. The game allows them to miss four shots, represented by four silver-gray bubbles. If the player misses too many times, the game adds a row of new candies to the field.

Bubble Candy Shooter challenges the player with a form of play more commonly seen with checkerboard-style match-3 games instead of bubble shooters. The pieces of a new row roll against each other like hard candies. This movement changes the positions of the bubble candies and the match opportunities. It even pops some candies, which removes those pieces from play. Yet, the projectiles don't roll. They perform a bouncy action and stick against surfaces. For this reason, the player must align the arrow precisely to prevent foul shots. 

How to Play:

Fire bubble candy projectiles at the rows of candies. Before a new row appears as a penalty, attempt to anticipate the direction of the roll when shooting to perform a match or best prepare for a future match.


Note: Always wait for the candies to pop or swell and pop before taking the next shot.
Mouse: Click the button or menu tab. To fire a bubble candy projectile, slide the control left or right and click the left button.
Mobile: Tap the button or tab. To fire a projectile, slide the stylus or finger in a direction and tap the surface.

Bubble Shooter Candy
Bubble Shooter Candy.

Bubble Shooter