Bubble Shooter Arcade

Bubble Shooter Arcade is a bubble-popping game similar to classic Bubble Shooter. It features a playfield almost filled with rows of colorful bubbles and a ring shooter against a cloudy blue sky. The player's goal is to pop bubbles as quickly as possible while the game intermittently slides the rows down the screen. If they're not quick enough, the bubbles slide too close to the shooter, and the gameplay ends.

The bubbles act like balls. Instead of popping when hit by a bubble projectile, the balls disconnect from the rows, bounce into a points zone divided into numbered areas (i.e., 50, 100, 250, 100 and 50), and then pop. The player can't remove these ball bubbles unless they use the projectile to make a line or group of three or more connected identical ones.

The shooter in Bubble Shooter Arcade carries only one projectile at a time. As a result, the player can't always make a line or group. Instead, they must set up future shots.

A horizontal bar above the shooter acts like a timer that transitions from green to yellow and then red. After the color disappears, the game slides another row of bubbles onto the playfield. As a result, the player must create lines or groups as quickly as possible. They receive help from a booster. When the shooter ring fills with color, the game provides a rainbow ball that acts like a wild card to match any color.

The game tracks the player's rank and score after each attempt. The player can review their stats by pausing the game.

How to Play:

Align the shooter's targeting dots with two or more connected bubble balls that match the projectile's color or set up a future shot. Shoot the projectile. Remove lines and groups of bubbles. When available, use the rainbow-colored ball. After a loss, replay to beat the highest-ranking score.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot a bubble ball projectile, drag the mouse, and then click the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot a colorful ball projectile, drag the finger or stylus, and then tap the touch screen or pad.

Bubble Shooter Arcade
Bubble Shooter Arcade.

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