Bubble Shooter Arcade 2

Bubble Shooter Arcade 2 is a version of the first game that features exciting new gameplay. As with the original Bubble Shooter Arcade, the player must remove colorful bubble balls from rows on a playfield and play as long as possible to earn the highest score. They lose if the bubbles slide down the screen past a horizontal timer bar above the shooter.

Instead of the action taking place in front of a sky, this version displays a gradient-blue backdrop that depicts the silhouette of a cityscape and hills. That said, the biggest difference between this game and its predecessor is that it offers the player the ability to swap bubble ball projectiles in the ring shooter. The player merely needs to select the two semi-circular arrows inside the ring to switch between the main and secondary ball projectiles. The only time they can't use this tool is if the game provides them with a rainbow ball booster.

Bubble Shooter Arcade 2 requires the player to connect matching bubbles in lines or sets of three or more bubbles. The player receives a dot-style, color-matched targeting line to help them align each shot. When the player completes a set of three matching bubbles with a shot, the game assigns points using the numbers in the points zone at the bottom of the screen. If the player loses a game, they can watch an advertisement to continue or start over.

How to Play:

Check the colors of both projectiles against the bubbles along the bottom two rows. Look for opportunities to remove sets of bubbles or set up shots. If necessary, swap the projectiles. Shoot to remove and pop bubbles. When it becomes available, use the rainbow booster. If desired, continue the game after a loss by watching an advertisement video.


Mouse: Click buttons and the projectile swap icon. To shoot a bubble ball projectile, drag the mouse, and then click once.
Mobile: Tap buttons and the swap icon. To shoot a bubble ball, drag the stylus or finger, and then tap the screen or trackpad.

Bubble Shooter Arcade 2
Bubble Shooter Arcade 2.

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