Smarty Bubbles 2

Smarty Bubbles 2 adds new dynamics to the fun bubble-popping series. It introduces an underwater theme with a purplish-blue playfield and sounds associated with water bubbles. As with the original, the player uses a frosted arrow and projectiles to earn points by bursting connected lines of shiny, candy-like bubbles.

The game challenges the player by making the bubbles descend at a rapid pace that alternates from level to level and by offering a time bonus based on the amount of time it takes for the player to complete a level. It also features endless play that bounces the player back to the first level if they fail. A failure occurs when any bubbles slide below a red-and-black, striped horizontal line.
Every time the player shoots one of the colorful matching projectiles, the impact pauses the descent of the rows slightly. Although the game always shows the next projectile available, it doesn't offer a swap tool. As a result, the player must use a non-matching projectile to gain that extra second before they rapidly fire a matching projectile to create a line of three or more attached linked bubbles.

Smarty Bubbles 2 introduces a rainbow-colored bubble marked with a golden star that the player must hit to end a level and receive the highest score. That said, the player can't receive the best score unless they clear every bubble before they hit it. If they hit it first, the remaining bubbles drop and bounce away without the game rewarding points.

How to Play:

Scan the projectiles and rows quickly. Shoot to make matches or discard non-matching projectiles. Never waste time by pressing the controls to use the targeting frame. To clear the field faster, perform avalanche moves that also eliminate bubbles beneath a line of matched ones.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot, click once after aligning the shot by sliding the mouse.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, tap once after sliding the finger or stylus.

Smarty Bubbles 2
Smarty Bubbles 2.

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