Bubble Shooter Pro 3

Bubble Shooter Pro 3, the third game in the series of the same name, offers a lot more bubble-shooting elements than the previous game, including achievements, interface changes and leaderboard competitive play. As with almost all bubble shooters, the player's primary goal is to earn the most points. As with Pro 2, they attempt to prevent fast-sliding bubbles from reaching the bottom of the screen. One major difference with Pro 3 is that they must attempt to overtake other players on the leaderboard to see if they can reach the first position.

The game rewards the player for achievements, such as achieving a specific number of points or streak value. They even receive recognition for creating a specific number of fireballs and playing consecutive days in a row. The game requires that the player shoot a projectile bubble at the sliding bubbles to make matches that result in three or more identical-colored bubbles dropping from the rows and bouncing into sections of a point-rewards area. When the player consecutively drops bubbles, they receive multipliers, represented by an increase in the rewards from a minimum of 50 points during non-multiplier play up to 1,000 points during uninterrupted streaks.

Bubble Shooter Pro 3 also rewards the player with bombs and fireballs. They must watch ads to use the bombs. They track their progress on a two-tone blue, twist-striped horizontal bar at the upper-center of the screen that features a smiley face on one end and a present on the other end. The game displays circles with pictures of other players that the player must overtake to receive additional points.

How to Play:

Target and hit a linked pair or longer line of matching bubbles with the projectile. Continue to shoot to earn points. As bombs and fireballs become available, use them to earn points faster.


Mouse: Click buttons. To target and hit linked matching bubbles, drag the mouse and click the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To hit linked bubbles, drag the stylus or finger and tap the touch pad or screen.

Bubble Shooter Pro 3
Bubble Shooter Pro 3.

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